Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pocket Hoppers, They Are Great Little Things Aren't They

As you may know I play pump paintball so it probably wouldn't surprise you that I use pocket hoppers. I have tried 2 pocket hoppers so far, the GXG hopper and the Winchester (with a pod lid mod) hopper. Up until last weekend I was liked the GXG hopper until last Sunday my GXG hopper cracked right down the middle and I have no idea how. Luckily I had my Winchester in my gear bag so I could play the rest of the day.

Anyhow, I like using pocket hoppers due to the very low profile and the fact that they make my overall set up light as well as helping me limit my paint usage. Although my Winchester can only carry about 50 rounds that should be enough for a game but sometimes I run out of paint. A couple days ago I found a solution to the little problem, some kid at my local field gave me a 50 round pod that he found and it happens that the 50 round pod fits perfectly into the elastic part of my tank cover. Problem solved! So I highly recommend the use of pocket hoppers, mainly the Winchester pocket hopper since it has not let me down. And if you require more paint do what I do just carry around a 50 round pod.

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