Saturday, July 17, 2010

Damn These Agglets!

So last weekend I went to play some paintball and I had noticed something, I had never seen so many agglets in one day. For those of you who don't know agglets are those speedball players who think they are the absolute best, knowing everything and they are pretty much all around ass holes. Prime example, during one game a group of agglets (the guys play on sponsored teams) decided to make a stacked team versus my team of walk-ons. So I thought to myself, this should be interesting, right? Well I was indeed right, somehow the agglets started the game before my team was ready, and they started laying down the paint on my team which was still huddled by the dead box. Instantly, half my team was gone and the agglets had their snake player on our side of the snake. If that wasn't bad enough, they lit up the remainder of my team including me.

I can't stand these agglets, I hope one day they might realize that they are complete ass holes and try and better themselves. Somehow I honestly doubt that occuring but hey, anything is possible. Hopefully when I go to play some ball tomorrow I wont have to face as many agglets as I did last weekend because they kind of ruined some of the games I played. Aside from that I am excited to go out and play tomorrow and use my Azodin Kaos Pump once again and prove that I can get players out; one ball at a time

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