Monday, July 12, 2010

I Can Superman Slide, Finally!

So yesterday I decided to hit up the local speedball field for the first time in a couple months. I was feeling a little rusty since I haven't played in a long while and it kind of sucked that I was the only pump on a field full off D-bag Agglets. But I will leave the Agglets for another blog. Anyway, during my first game I decided to try playing snake once again; I am usually a dorito player because my gun fighting skills are significantly better than my snake playing skills. Well the ref yells 5 seconds until the break, I got my gun against the mesh, ready to run like hell.
The ref yells Go! Go! Go! Go! I just run as fast as I can and I dive into the snake, but this time it wasn't my regular knee slide or hip slide; I actually did a superman slide into the snake for the first time. I have never even practiced it before it was almost instinctive. I'm just glad I had my knee and elbow pads on or the slide wouldn't have been so pretty. And it was the first time I got into the snake without getting bounces as well so that made me feel great. Besides me getting bunkered that game, I felt pretty good.

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