Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Is It Just Me Or Are Paintball Markers These Days Are Too Complicated

Unfortunately I am not very tech savvy so the best thing I can do is read the manual and hope for the best. It just seems like paintball markers as well as equipement these days require so much effort to get them working properly.

For example I had a Magna loader, it was probably the most complicated piece of electronic I have ever used. It was annoying as well, mainly because you have to program the damn thing solely with the use of blinking lights. It was a pain in the ass to set up the Magna that is why I sold it within a couple months of owning it.

Also, some markers like the Angel 1 have so much adjustability and so many settings that it confuses me. I know it's cool and all to be able to alter the settings on the marker to suit your preference, but it never works out for me. When ever I get some kind of "high tech" marker things don't go over very well, then I get fed up and sell it. I guess that is why I like to play pump, no batteries no electronic or modes, I just pick it up and play. Simplicity is all I need in a marker.