Thursday, May 27, 2010

Playing pump paintball for good

Yeah I said it, I am officially playing pump paintball for good and I am done with playing semi auto. I am done with electronic markers. No more batteries, expensive hoppers or expensive guns.

Initially I started playing pump because I simply could not afford to shoot a ton of paint anymore with my PMR 09. I realized I had to either quit paintball or find some way to save a lot of money. That is when the idea of purchasing a pump marker came to mind. So last summer I decided to take the plunge and buy an Azodin Kaos pump. I loved it instantly, it was so simple; I liked the idea of not having to fiddle with electronics anymore.

Now almost a year later I finally realized that I don't need a marker that shoots 10+ ball per second to be a good speedball player. From simply playing pump for around 10 months I have had a far greater improvement in skill compared to the improvements I have had in the 4 years before I started playing pump. I realized the increased rate of fire I had before I played pump masked my poor skill since I was able to shoot my way out of a problem or get lucky from shooting lanes and playing pump really showed me the areas I needed to work on, like snap shooting and even aiming properly. I am pretty glad that I don't have to spend money on 9 volts or AA batteries or being worried about my gun or my hoppers crapping out on me. The best perk besides the improvement in skill is that I barely shoot any paint, when I used to have my PMR I could go through a case of paint like it was nothing in one day at the speedball field. Now that I play with my Kaos pump, I go through half a bag of paint per day on average, because of this there is no way I will play semi auto again (unless I win the lottery of course, if I did would consider giving semi auto play another chance).

Well there you have it, being able not to afford spending a large sums of money on paint was a blessing in disguise because I discovered the growing niche of pump paintball.

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