Thursday, May 27, 2010

.50 cal paintball?

Last year out of the blue, some paintball manufacturers decided to starting hyping up something new, .50 caliber paint. I was pretty damn skeptical about the whole ".50 cal revolution" simply because GI Milsim and Kingman are the main companies that are pushing for it. I am sorry but I don't want a .50 cal Smart Parts marker or a .50 cal Spyder. Also, Planet Eclipse has released a .50 cal conversion it for its Ego's and Etek's, but seriously the kit is around $150, it's a recession; I don't even have the cash to afford and Ego/Etek let alone a conversion kit for it. Since those markers have little appeal among many paintball players and seeing how steep the price is for a conversion kit is, I feel the whole .50 cal thing is going to be hard to get it up and running.

One thing I don't get is I feel the companies that are backing this whole .50 cal "revolution", need to advertise the hell our of their products especially to newer players. I think if the companies can get the newer players to adopt .50 cal they might have something going for them, because to the experienced player the ads look don't look believable at all. The .50 caliber paintball is advertised in such a way that it should be better than .68 caliber, but we all know nothing is perfect.
Well I really believe that .50 cal will end up like the .43 cal paintballs and markers and be a small nice but it would be nice to see a change in the paintball and have .50 cal succeed. If or when most of the paintball companies adopt .50 cal and many quality products are released I would gladly make the transition to .50 caliber.

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